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Sherborne Roma Small Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair.


Sherborne Roma Small Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair.

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Product Description

Sherborne Roma Small Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair.

This Sherborne Roma Small Dual Motor Rise Recliner chair is available for immediate Delivery and Set Up.

Upholstered in Ravello Slate Soft cloth fabric. This colour will match most room settings.

 Price shown is with VAT exemption, with a disabling condition.

 Immediate Delivery and Set Up.


chair height chair width chair depth seat height seat width  seat depth
41.5″ 36″ 37″ 18.5″ 20.5″  20″

The Roma Rise Recliner Chair  is an extremely comfortable chair, perfect for watching TV or reading for long periods of time.

The motion into a reclined position is smooth and gentle. It is very easy to adjust the leg and back positions. You can change the angle of recline to suit your needs.

The Sherborne Chair has an extremely good handset. The buttons are easy to read with pictures to show the movement of the chair. The reset button will always bring you back to a sitting position.

All handset buttons light up when operated. There is a removable clip on the handset and a generous side pocket to store the handset and your items of daily use such as your glasses or the newspaper.

Here at RIBBLE VALLEY RECLINERS we pride ourselves in providing you with the correct fitting chair.

We look at all your dimensions, from calf height to back height. We recommend a trip to our showroom where we have over 40 riser recliners to “fit you out”.

Alternatively we can come to you! Click through to the HOME DEMONSTRATION page of our website.

The feature that people love is the help in getting in or out of the chair.

As the chair moves it feels very secure and solid.

Your Sherborne Roma Small Dual Motor raises you into a position where you “perch” on the seat with your feet firmly on the floor. The chair supports you. You can then walk away with ease.

No more strain in your shoulders, arms, hips and legs. The chair does all the work.

The Roma Chair has a reliable back up system if the mains electricity to your home fails.

This Battery Back Up allows for the chair to be operated back to a sitting position so that you wont be “stuck in the chair”. We recommend that you have batteries spare in case this unlikely event happens as the batteries only last for one or two “revolutions”.

If you live in an area where the home power cuts more often, a built in RECHARGEABLE BATTERY SYSTEM is available. Please ring for price and advice.

Your Riser Recliner can be matched up with Chairs and Settees. Your Riser Recliner can blend in perfectly as part of a Suite.

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no extras, relaxor heat massage system


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