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Fjords Hjellegjerde Corner Unit Sofa Soft Line

Original price was: £3,400.00.Current price is: £995.00.

Hjellegjerde Fjords Corner Unit

Product Description

Fjords Hjellegjerde Corner Unit

Fjords Hjellegjerde Corner Unit. All of the Hjellegjerde Fjords sofa’s could be made with a corner unit off each side. Here we have a Corner unit which has both side arms fitted to make it a couch.

It it’s upholstered in Soft Line light grey leather. I also have the sides which would allow it to connect to your sofa, if you have light grey leather. Can be fixed to either side.

On its own it makes a very comfortable sofa that will suit your needs for many years.

Dimensions – 170cm wide / 106 depth / 65 high.

Comes with 2 leather cushions. Shop demonstration model in as new condition.

Please ring for any advice! Delivery negotiable.


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