Mary had a very special requirement. Following a stroke, Mary had lost movement from the neck down. She needed a comfortable chair which would stop her getting pressure sores, but also would allow her to be pushed around her home and outside.

The Multi Care Tilt was the ideal solution. The pressure side of things was taken care of, with a medium to high risk Gellacell / foam cushion built in to the seat area with memory foam leg support.

Mary also tended to lean sideways, so the Large Profile Headrest with a Comfort Lateral Back gave the perfect backrest solution. With adjustable seat depth and footrest height, the chair was custom fitted on delivery.

The chair can be pushed around with the robust handle on the back. The lockable rubber castors allow easy movement from room to room.

Another key benefit of this chair is, as well as a comfortable upright position, the whole chair can be tilted backwards to achieve a tilt in space position, and the leg / footrest can be raised also.

The chair was upholstered in easy cleanable Voyage duck egg vinyl with a green VP stretch inner for maximum pressure relief from the fillings. Also fitted with the optional D rings and Lap Strap, and additional Midline Headrest.



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