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Suzie Marsh, Leilla sitting CAT SCULPTURE.

Beautiful Cold Cast Bronze Sculpture. Available by ringing 01254 399400 or buy online.

Product Description

 Suzie Marsh Leilla Sitting Cat Sculpture.

The Suzie Marsh Leilla sitting cat sculpture is made using cold cast bronze resin, solid and heavy with all the appearance of bronze.

These charming Suzie Marsh sculptures are originally made in clay. Her works are then cast into Bronze Resin. This modern material produces a flawless copy of the original sculpture.

Bronze Resin is suitable for the house or garden.

Treat yourself or buy as a FABULOUS GIFT.

Life size

Delivery £15

Cat lovers will be amazed at the way Suzie Marsh shows the true poise and grace of a cat in each Cat Sculpture.

Suzie uses her own cats as models and captures their expressions beautifully.

For every cat sculpture sold a donation is made to The Cats Protection.

These are UK made sculptures by an artist who lives and works in North Cornwall.

Suzie Marsh has gained great acclaim over the last few years and now has a loyal following both in the UK and abroad.


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