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Panaz Shield Plus Protect


Panaz Shield Plus Protect Spray

Product Description

Panaz Shield Plus Protect

Panaz Shield Plus Protect. Specialist Cleaning System & Long Lasting 90 Day Residual Disinfection Solution

Now Tested against Coronavirus.

This water-based technology, forms an invisible, protective, layer delivering a unique anti-microbial barrier that kills bacteria immediately on contact and offers long-term protection.
It has been rigorously tested in British Laboratories and has been shown to destroy up to 99.9999% of bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses, including spore-forming organisms such
as C Diff.
Tested as effective for more than 90 days against microbes such as MRSA, C Diff spore and Legionella, the technology performs like a magnet attracting microbes onto the treated layer of product. When the bacterium comes into contact with this layer, the cell is ruptured, electrocuting the bio-chemicals within and killing the microbe on contact.

Easy to use:
With a light application, this spray-on treatment provides a protective layer by suppressing bacteria, viruses and mould whilst simultaneously enhancing the stain resistant properties of the surface.
Shield Plus™ protect is for new and newly cleaned upholstery and hard surfaces. A spray application will
protect the surface from microbes for over 90 days.
Apply a light spray directly onto hard surfaces or fabric, wipe over with a cloth or brush (depending on the surface) and allow to dry.

Currently only available in 5 litre tubs. Available to collect from Showroom or delivered.



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