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Mobelteam Daneway Replacement 5 leg Spindle


(5 customer reviews)

Mobelteam Daneway 5 leg Spindle

Product Description

Mobelteam Daneway Replacement 5 leg Spindle

At last we now have a Mobelteam Daneway Replacement 5 leg Spindle to fix your old chair and bring it back into use.

The old mobelteam daneway spindle was housed in a plastic unit which by its age has become brittle and cracks. Our new replacement fixes the problem by housing the spindle in an aluminium base.

Just knock out your old spindle from the chair frame, and screw the 5 legs into the purpose built aluminium block.

£98 including first class signed for postage

Can be sent anywhere in the world. £115 using PayPal. payment to richard@ribblevalleyrecliners.co.uk

5 reviews for Mobelteam Daneway Replacement 5 leg Spindle

  1. Richard Wood

    Not on my site?? also, they have not existed for over 2 years. I have had to get these new ones developed!

  2. James Clipson (verified owner)

    Excellent help initially – replacement arrived by return of post – most impressive. Loosened the parts to access the old spindle as instructed – bit of effort but out it came. Good as new now – could not ask for more. Service excellent.

  3. Proinnsias Breathnach

    We have our recliner for over 20 years. The spindle finally gave out about a year ago. We contacted Daneway and they sent the replacement metal spindle right away. It took some time and patience before I finally got the old spindle out. The new spindle is much stronger. It’s an excellent and much-used piece of furniture – extremely comfortable and great for a midday snooze. It is also proved very useful when I had a recent knee replacement, as recovery required a lot of icing of the knee and the recliner with foot rest were perfect for this. However, I would not attempt replacing the spindle if you are not of a practical bent. Get someone who is good with his/her hands to do it instead.

  4. David Brown (verified owner)

    Very pleased to be able to repair my chair with this, and delivery was very quick. Access to be able to remove the old spindle is very limited without some disassembly of the chair. I removed 4 screws from underneath to detach the arm pads, which then gave access to 4 more bolts connecting the seat to the frame. Removing these allowed unrestricted access and was quite straightforward. Couple of sharp taps with a hammer and punch and the old spindle fell out. The original spindle used M8 connector bolts to attach the feet, so these were not compatible with the new design. However, the holes in the new spindle are also threaded M8, so a 30mm length of M8 threaded bar (£2.50 for 1 metre from the local hardware shop) was used in the female end of each bolt. The end result looked just like the original.

    • Richard Wood

      Thanks for that info David. Some customers seem to be able to use the old screws. Others can be bought at the hardware store. Your info will help all.

  5. Ernest Tomlin (verified owner)

    Delivery of the spindle was wonderfully quick. problem was I could not get the old one out. Spoke to Mr Wood with my problem and he agreed to see me and do the repair. I traveled all the way from Wiltshire with the chair. Mr Wood immediately started on the repair. It was not easy and he had to go to a local garage where tools were used on a difficult removal of the old spindle.
    The whole job done in an hour. very impressive.
    What wonderful service from a nice guy.

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