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Belmont Orthopaedic Chair High Seat


Belmont High Seat Orthopaedic Chair

Product Description

Belmont Orthopaedic Chair High Seat.

The Belmont Orthopaedic Chair has an straight back and is similar to the Drayton Chair.The Belmont is  chair which makes you sit upright, with perfect posture. The Medicare seat cushion molds to the body to remove any pressure zones. Getting in and out of this orthopaedic chair is effortless, helped by gripping the wooden arm knuckles.
Options: standard chair with 21” seat height.
Upholstery: over 50 fabric choices and wood finishes: Mellow, Harvest, Antique, Walnut, Mahogany, Pine and Natural.

Please ring to order the Belmont Orthopaedic chair.

Full range of Contract / Waterproof fabric also available for Nursing and Care homes. Please ring for details.

Dimensions (cm)

High Seat 116 78 67 55

Delivery to UK £30.


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