Tilt in Space Transporter chair

Barbara has had a stroke and is paralyzed on her right hand side. She is hoisted from bed to chair therefor no need for a Riser chair. The Requirements were a comfortable chair which he could be transported around her room and around the Care Home if wanted. The Tilt in Space Brooklyn Chair had [...]

Tilt in Space Transporter Chair

Derek had a need for a comfortable chair which he could be transported from his room and around the Care Home. The Tilt in Space Transporter chair had all the features that Derek required. Adustable seat depth, lateral support back to keep him upright with a narrow 16" seat width for support. Adjustable height footrest [...]

Accentu8 Arc Swivel Riser Recliner

Keith will have nothing but Modern Contemporary furniture in his house. Getting to an age where he struggles to get up from his other furniture, he needed a riser recliner. Dreading the thought of an 'old persons chair' in his house he was very suprised to find a Range of Contempory Riser Recliners in our [...]

Langdale Petite Tilt in Space

A home demonstration for Marion to show the benefits of the Tilt in Space action. Marion is suffering from leg ulcers, and the tilt in space action will help remove fluid from the legs. This will aid the healing process which will allow Marion to have the hip replacement she wants. The riser action of [...]

Electric Compact Single Motor Wallaway

Rona benefited from a Home Demonstration in Kirkudbright. Dumfries and Galloway. The electric single motor wall-away was perfect for Rona who is hoisted from bed to chair. Rona's needs were a chair that was dimensionally correct. With seat dimensions of 19" high, 18" width and 20" depth, the chair gave perfect posture. There was also [...]

Mini Riser Recliner

Kate is only quite short. Her needs were for a chair that would fit her leg dimensions. The Langdale Mini was the perfect chair with a seat height of 16" seat depth of 18" and width of 18". The dual motor features enabled the feet to be altered separately from the back. Tilt in space action [...]

Tilt In Space Pressure Management Chair

Delivered on the 3/4/16. This chair was manufactured for the client after a home demonstration visit. The clients needs were a chair that was a riser recliner, had pressure sore management built in, and helped remove fluid from the legs. Also the client liked the available wood knuckles on the arms to hold onto getting [...]

Pressure Sore Management Chair

Our Client needed to be hoisted from bed to chair. Because he had lost a lot of weight and sat in the same position, he needed a Pressure Sore Management chair. He also ended to slide over to one side, so we provided the Care Air Chair with the Lateral foam back support. The seating [...]

Bariatric Riser Recliner

Angela suffers from Lymphoma which makes getting in and out of a chair very painfull. This requires a special Bariatric Riser Recliner action which can cater for 40 stone in weight. Built with a seat width of 28" and using pressure sore management seating (liquiform). The Chair has a 3 way stretch Vapour permeable fabric on [...]

Pressure Management Chair

Case Study. Pressure Sore Relief Chair. Upright Posture Support The Client’s requirements were for a riser recliner, which incorporated pressure management fillings in the seat and leg area. Ivy had a tendency to lean over to one side in her chair. There was a need for pressure relief also as Ivy spent most of her [...]