Project Description

Case Study. Pressure Sore Relief Chair. Upright Posture Support

The Client’s requirements were for a riser recliner, which incorporated pressure management fillings in the seat and leg area.

Ivy had a tendency to lean over to one side in her chair. There was a need for pressure relief also as Ivy spent most of her time in the chair and had been given a cushion to sit on.

The pressure relief was resolved using the Langdale Care Air Chair. This chair incorporates the pressure management cushions within the chair, so the perfect fit / dimensions are not compromised. Fitted with an Alternating air cushion for high risk pressure management.

Bad posture as all Occupational Therapists know is a consequence of an ill fitting chair. The Care Air chair can be made to fit all seat dimension requirements and being around 5’4″, we made a 18″ seat height and depth and 20″ width for Ivy. The importance being that her feet touched the floor, and she had proper lumbar support on the back. Next the issue of leaning to one side was sorted using the Lateral foam back support. This keeps the back in an upright position. Also the large profile headrest gave Ivy full support in the upright position.

The chair was upholstered in Panvelle mink plain stretch fabric, which is waterproof and in the middle finished in VP beige stretch fabric to get the best out of the pressure relief fillings.


large profile headrest with support lateral back

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